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Important to know: Chronic health conditions should be addressed under direct medical supervision of your GP or consultant, and acupuncture would be an adjunct or complement to usual care – we advise that you let you doctor know when you use this approach.

About the research: It is worth noting that in research, randomised controlled studies (RCT) are the most reliable in terms of quality of evidence, with a systematic review or meta analysis of numerous studies being the best way of seeing the overall picture of the state of the evidence. Below we have a selection of the available research, which does include some larger RCTs, and reviews of the literature alongside smaller studies. The n= figure tells you how many people were participants in the study.

Research on Pre-Diabetes:

Zhang et al (2022) examined the effects and safety of acupuncture-related therapy (AT) on glycaemic control for prediabetes, through a systematic review and meta-analysis of 31 RCTs were. They found that compared to conventional care, sham interventions, or conventional medicine, AT treatments gave significantly greater reductions in fasting plasma glucose.  The authors suggest that AT holds potential as a strategy for better glycaemic control in the management of prediabetes. This is interpreted with caution, warranting further research to be conducted, particularly with regards to different ethnic groups and long-term effectiveness.


BAcC Diabetes, Type ii and Gestational Factsheet: also covers diabetic neuropathy

Zhang, M., Wang, C.C. and Lo, J., 2022. Should Acupuncture-Related Therapies be Considered in Prediabetes Control? Results From a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Holistic Nursing Practice, 36(4), pp.198-208.

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