Electro Acupuncture

Electro acupuncture (EA) is an adjunct of acupuncture practise where a small electrical current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles.  There is usually a slight sensation of buzzing or vibration associated with the electrical pulses, but the procedure is relatively pain free.

EA is a safe and effective form of therapy, which studies and systematic reviews, have shown may benefit patients for the symptoms of a wide range of conditions, in particular:

  • Nausea prevention: post chemotherapy (Zhang et al, 2014); post surgery (Ho et al, 1990); in hyperemesis gravidarum (severe “morning sickness” of pregnancy) (Ezzo et al, 2006);
  • Pain: symptomatic knee pain in rheumatoid arthritis (Casimiro et al 2005); post-operative pain and other recovery benefits post-operatively (Hayhoe, 2010, Lin et al, 2002); labour pain (Qu et al, 2007); low back pain; fibromyalgia (Delize et al. 1992); nerve pain, inflammatory pain and organ pain (Zhang et al, 2014)
  • Dental pain (Tavares et al 2007; Sim et al 2002)
  • Urinary retention after spinal injury (Liu et al 2011); urinary stress incontinence (Zhishun et al, 2017)
  • Tension-type headache (Xue et al, 2004); reducing the frequency of migraine (Xu et al, 2018)
  • Tennis elbow (Yeung et al, 2003); calcific tendonitis (Papadopoulos et al, 2019); achilles tendonitis (Yu et al, 2015)

The acupuncturist may use EA alongside other acupuncture techniques where it is indicated.


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