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Our page on Obesity may be of assistance

Important to know: Chronic health conditions should be addressed under direct medical supervision of your GP or consultant, and acupuncture would be an adjunct or complement to usual care – we advise that you let you doctor know when you use this approach.

About the research: It is worth noting that in research, randomised controlled studies (RCT) are the most reliable in terms of quality of evidence, with a systematic review or meta analysis of numerous studies being the best way of seeing the overall picture of the state of the evidence. Below we have a selection of the available research, which does include some larger RCTs, and reviews of the literature alongside smaller studies. The n= figure tells you how many people were participants in the study.


British Acupuncture Council evidence based factsheet about Obesity including specific research, trials and mechanisms of action for acupuncture in this condition.

British Acupuncture Council evidence based factsheet about Addictions including specific research, trials and mechanisms of action for acupuncture in this condition.

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Shaftesbury Clinic Star of Conditions

Celebrity Endorsement Information

A number of celebrities have spoken out about their own use of acupuncture to support and publicise it.

Here are a few highlights:

Camilla Dallerup (Strictly Come Dancing professional) has been interviewed and shown having acupuncture – view it here

TV presenter and Style Editor Donna Air was also interviewed about acupuncture, recommending it and using a BAcC member for treatment, and you can watch it here

Gwyneth Paltrow was filmed in 2018 undergoing an acupuncture session with her acupuncturist in New York, you can view it here.

Madonna has shared photographs of herself on Instagram (social media) having acupuncture and cupping (an acupuncture adjunct).

Jim Carrey, (2013) said that undergoing acupuncture treatments lead to marked change in his physical vitality and general state of wellbeing.

Robert Downey Jr. is also a long-time user and public advocate of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Singer Alicia Keys has also been quoted as saying that acupuncture helps her to unwind and balance energy her body.

Jennifer Aniston has spoken of how she finds acupuncture beneficial in wellbeing and countering stress.

Sandra Bullock is also a fan of acupuncture, reportedly having an on-set acupuncturist whilst filming in some of her roles.


Professional wrestler Brian Cage is a fan of cupping (an acupuncture adjunct), and has was seen with the easily identifiable cupping marks* on his back in the ring in 2019, at a time he was looking to address a back injury. *Cupping causes local microtrauma as part of its therapeutic approach, and therefore temporary red circles on the areas applied (often the back).

The National Geographic (2018) featured photos of professional American Footballer and Super Bowl star, James Harrison sporting a large number of (acupuncture) cups on his chest and back, revealing in his interview that weekly acupuncture is a vital part of his routine in looking after his physique, another photograph depicts Harrison lying prone with a large number of needles through his back, shoulders and legs.


Celine Dion and Mariah Carey have both gone on record to speak about using acupuncture when they were looking to conceive. Celine was using IVF in order to conceive and looked to acupuncture as a complementary approach alongside it. Mariah explained that Celine had advised her to try acupuncture, and that is was beneficial to her wellbeing and stress reduction and she credits this as helping her achieve a pregnancy, alongside hormone treatments.

Geri Horner (nee Haliwell, of the Spice Girls), has also stated in the press that she had used acupuncture in support of her looking to conceive her son.

Facial Acupuncture

Celebrities who have shared photos of themselves receiving facial acupuncture (with needles in situ), on their social media or in the press include: Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Millie Mackintosh, Gwyneth Paltrow, David Duchovny and newspaper columnist Lynsey Clarke. 

Singer Katy Perry was featured in her music video “Never Really Over” sporting facial acupuncture needles in her face (whilst singing) and receiving a tradition acupuncture adjunct of cupping therapy (an adjunct to acupuncture).  

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