This style of acupuncture involves very fine needles being inserted into the skin, which may be left in for up to 20 minutes, or only a matter of seconds.

This is a gentle style, involving minimal manipulation of the needles, to maximum effect.

We work with the traditional acupuncture style to look at you as a whole person, and treat you with an individually tailored approach to your needs.

On your first consultation, a full case history is taken to ensure we have a good understanding of you, and how to help you.
We will discuss with you:

  • What you would like to achieve through acupuncture
  • What you can expect from us

Treatments are tailored to your unique needs.

The first appointment usually takes 1½ hours, when your medical history will be taken, alongside information that will allow a good overview of how to help you.  Subsequent treatments take around one hour.  Every patient is different, and acupuncture treatments are unique to each individual. Usually, the first few treatments are weekly, and then spaced out when the symptoms have improved.

The longer you have had the complaint, the longer it takes to fix.  At least four treatments are recommended to obtain the best effect for you.  Please be assured you will not receive more treatments than you need.

Following this, you may wish to maintain your good health by visiting us every few months for ‘top up’ treatments.