Our Values

Exceptional care; from British Acupuncture Council members, who have undertaken a minimum of 3,600 hours’ training, with 400 or more hours in a clinical setting. Keeping up-to-date; acupuncturists who complete continued professional development, keep abreast of the current research and share best practice, to help enhance the lives of patients.

Respect, integrity, and dignity; supplying information to allow patient choice, being realistic about expectations, and upholding dignity and privacy

Team ethos; to find our niche within an integrative healthcare environment, liaising as per the patient’s wishes with their other care-givers i.e. GP’s, consultants, or other independent practitioners (e.g. nutritionists, osteopaths)

Community; Shaftesbury Clinic has always been a community-orientated organisation, we value the network of local patients, medical practitioners and other complementary practitioners with whom we have built constructive and warm working relationships, and we endeavour to continue this for the benefit of our locality. Within our subsidiary at Bedford Consulting Rooms, we are proud welcome professional practitioners from other specialisms within our highly-appointed treatment rooms

Sustainability; placing utmost value upon patient empowerment within a healthcare landscape that is changing. As the resources of the national health service are spread increasingly thinly, the role of the patient, alongside professional caregivers, will increasingly influence how they choose and access services. Alongside the primary care services, we can provide services that are aimed at prevention, wellness, and lifestyle choices; in addition to addressing symptoms or chronic conditions through our modality