j0422951 To be well, we need to be in balance, with our body, mind and emotions. Symptoms, whether physical or emotional, are signals that there is imbalance. Many factors such as stress, anxiety, poor diet, hereditary factors, grief and trauma, can cause imbalance.

In the philosophy of five element acupuncture, each one of us can fall into imbalance in times of stress and illness. We use the traditional Chinese style to diagnose the primary imbalance and work to correct this, and bring you back into balance.

Using fine needles, acupuncture points are stimulated, to enable the body’s own healing abilities to restore natural balance. In this way, this style of acupuncture can help with both physical and emotional problems and also to develop your potential as a person.


Helen, Michelle and Philip are five element acupuncturists. The philosophy of five element acupuncture emphasises your health needs and focuses on restoring, and maintaining good health and balance for you as an individual.